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In the state of New Jersey, both assault with a deadly weapon and terroristic threat charges are considered to be serious crimes that are categorized as felonies. Guilty felony verdicts often involve heavy fines and serious jail time. These kinds of charges and convictions can drastically alter your future. If you are facing either of these violent criminal charges you need a quality New Jersey criminal defense lawyer on your side that can help prove you’re innocent of violent or murderous intent or can help get serious coinciding fines and jail time negotiated down. Contact the office of Jill R. Cohen today to get a free starting consultation regarding your violent crime charge.

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What is Considered to be a Deadly Weapon in New Jersey?

To be charged with an assault involving a deadly weapon, it must fall under any range of objects that can inflict mortal or serious bodily harm to the victim. Usually, a deadly weapon can include:

  • Projectile Weaponry including Guns of any kind, Bow and Arrows, Throwing Weapons, Darts, etc.
  • Knives or Blades of any kind including Glass Shards
  • Cars (Assault or Death by Auto)
  • Sports Equipment such as Golf Clubs or Baseball Bats
  • Tree Limbs
  • Tools such as Crowbars, Hatchets, Axes, Hammers, etc.
  • Wire-Like Items such as Electrical Cables, Rope, Metal Wire, etc.
  • Body Parts including Feet, Arms, Hands, and Teeth

This list is not all-inclusive. Any object can be considered a deadly weapon if it was used or can be used to violently harm, attack, or kill a victim. Any type of assault with a deadly weapon is classified as a felony level criminal offense regardless of if you shoot, strike, hit, choke, or stab the victim. Penalties for a guilty verdict of this kind of a crime are serious, making hiring a skilled deadly weapons attorney a must.

The Definition of a Terroristic Threat by New Jersey State Law

According to New Jersey statute 2C:12-3(b), a terroristic threat involves one individual threatening to kill another with the intent to terrify or cause imminent fear of death in the recipient of the threat. This usually involves circumstances in which the victim truly believes they are in serious and immediate danger. To get convicted of a crime of this nature, the prosecution has to be convinced that you had the intent and ability to carry out those said threats and the criminal actions you took were life-threatening.

Terroristic Threats and Domestic Violence New Jersey

Although a terroristic threat charge usually involved threats to kill another, New Jersey court systems will consider any violent threat that was made to terrorize or terrify another individual in your home to be a crime of this nature.

You can face a felony terroristic threat charge involving anyone you live with or formerly lived with due to any of the following situations:

  • Sibling rivalries
  • Custodial fights for children or even pets
  • Fights involving intoxicated individuals or those under the influence of controlled dangerous substances
  • Marital arguments
  • Form or current roommates or household family members threatening to destroy your home or possessions
  • Circumstances involving serious tempers and uncontrolled emotions.

What Can Result in a Camden, New Jersey Arrest of a Threatening Individual?

If someone calls the police on you regarding terroristic threats in their home, an officer will arrive and fully assess the situation before making any arrests. Scenarios in which a police officer must arrest you for violent or terroristic threats include:

  1. Victims have suffered an injury.
  2. You were in violation of a court order.
  3. There is already a warrant out for your arrest.
  4. A weapon of any kind was used during the course of the reported threat.

If you are convicted of a terroristic threat scenario, you can face up to 5 years in prison and up to $15,000 in monetary fines. With such serious penalties involved in a guilty verdict, it is very important to get someone like Ms. Cohen who has decades of experience with these types of criminal cases to legally advise and support you in the court of law.

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Having someone you hate or get into serious conflicts with is far from an uncommon occurrence. It is impossible for anyone to get along with and click with everyone and opposing views and conflicting morals and desires often can lead to serious arguments and fights. Furthermore, not everyone is always good at controlling their emotions or filtering their impulsive desires to verbally go after an unpleasant individual. New Jersey criminal defense attorney Jill R. Cohen understands that situations can get out of hand and stories can be over exaggerated as well.

She can defend you to the full extent of the law and can help prevent a guilty verdict regarding terroristic threats as well as assault charges involving deadly weapons by working hard to prove you are innocent of life-threatening or murderous intent. Jill R. Cohen can also help a defendant enter an optimal plea or help to get penalties reduced. Contact her today for a free consultation regarding your terroristic threat or assault with a deadly weapon charge. She believes everyone deserves a fair chance in court and will even do jail visits for those who need it. Jill Cohen has been representing criminal defendants throughout New Jersey in Camden, Cherry Hill, Gloucester Township, Winslow, Pennsauken, Voorhees, Lindenwold, Haddon Township, Collingswood and Haddonfield.

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