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Aggressive, Successful Criminal Attorney Defends Clients Facing Serious Charges Across South Jersey

Criminal charges, large or small, can have very serious consequences. No one understands this better than Criminal Attorney Jill Cohen.  With more than 30 years legal experience, Jill Cohen is a successful criminal defense lawyer and traffic violations attorney who handles all types of municipal court matters and serious criminal defense cases throughout South Jersey.

Jill Cohen is a former assistant prosecutor in Camden County, as well as a former Assistant Philadelphia District Attorney

Ms. Cohen’s experience as a prosecutor gives her an obvious advantage as a South Jersey criminal defense lawyer. She is very familiar with how the State investigates crimes, how they handle negotiations and what to expect in the many situations that are part of the criminal justice system. Ms. Cohen’s experience as both an assistant prosecutor and an assistant district attorney has provided her with all of the tools necessary to successfully handle your case.

Jill Cohen is one of fewer than 250 lawyers recognized as Certified Criminal Trial Attorney by the New Jersey Supreme Court

The New Jersey Supreme Court’s Attorney Certification Program is designed to help the public make sound and informed choices when deciding to hire an attorney. A Supreme Court Certification provides those seeking legal representation with a clear indication that a lawyer is knowledgeable, experienced and well-respected.

Jill Cohen has been extremely successful in defending clients charged with a wide variety of criminal charges, including:

Skillful Attorney Jill Cohen Successfully Defends Clients in Municipal Court & Traffic Court Cases

Jill Cohen is a local criminal lawyer well-versed in municipal court law; she has been all over New Jersey and has achieved great results for her clients in municipal courts throughout the state. According to the Guide to Municipal Court at, municipal court cases are divided into four general categories:  

  • Violations of motor vehicle and traffic laws  
  • Violations of disorderly and petty disorderly persons offenses (criminal matters which may result in fines or jail)  
  • Violations of Fish and Game laws, Parks and Forests, Weights and Measures, SPCA, and Boating Regulations  
  • Violations of municipal ordinances (local laws).

More serious offenses, known as indictable offenses, are sent to the County Prosecutor’s office. The County Prosecutor decides whether to present the case to a Grand Jury or to return the case to the municipal court as a less serious offense (a downgrade). A skillful attorney can have your charges downgraded wherever possible, which is why you should contact Jill Cohen right away, before it is too late to negotiate on your behalf.

Attorney Jill Cohen has been successfully representing clients throughout New Jersey in municipal court for over 30 years, and she is dedicated to achieving the best possible results for each individual case. Whether your case is heard in the municipal court or by the Grand Jury, Mrs. Cohen is there for you every step of the way. Don’t let fines, jail time, license suspension, community service, or other related penalties get in the way of your life and livelihood, contact The Law Office of Jill R. Cohen today for your free consultation.

Former Prosecutor Now Defends Adult and Juvenile Clients; Learn Why You Should Choose Jill Cohen to Protect Your Freedom, Reputation and Criminal Record

Every single person is entitled to the highest-quality defense from an experienced criminal defense attorney who is laser-focused on protecting the rights of her clients. With more than 30 years of experience, Camden County criminal lawyer Jill R. Cohen fights tirelessly to keep her clients out of prison, allowing them to return to their lives as soon as possible. In fact, much of her criminal law practice involves pre-trial practices, which include gaining dismissals of indictments due to police misconduct and violations of her clients’ constitutional rights. She is very familiar with Supreme Court, Superior Court and Municipal Court practices, as well as the many alternatives that are available in lieu of trials and convictions, including Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI), Conditional Discharge and Drug Court.

Ms. Cohen travels extensively throughout New Jersey, defending criminal charges, offenses and traffic violations. She has successfully defended hundreds of drivers accused of DUI in New Jersey. If you or a loved one is facing the legal battle of their lives, contact a criminal defense lawyer who will leave no stone unturned as she builds a defense strategy with the very best chance of achieving a positive outcome.

Aggressive Criminal Lawyer Defends Clients Facing Murder Charges, Drug Charges, Weapons Offenses, Theft Charges and More

Don’t delay taking action if you have been charged with a crime in Southern New Jersey or Philadelphia. Contact certified Camden County criminal lawyer Jill R. Cohen today to learn about your rights. She will meet with you, for free, to answer your questions and explain your options. Put her experience to work for you and call her for a free consultation.

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Regardless of the incidents that led up to your arrest, every resident of New Jersey has the constitutional right to a fair trial. If you have been arrested or are being investigated, you need sound legal advice. Contact me today.

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